The Dallas Emergent Cohort seeks to gather people from the Dallas area for conversation, fellowship, encouragement and community as we engage in emerging issues. Regardless of your level of familiarity with the conversation, we invite you to come and join us!


If you missed Doug Pagitt...

If you missed joining us last Wednesday evening, I'll review the basics of our evening.

We ended up with a very nice setting, outside, on the patio. This was much better than the loud and crowded side room we were expecting to be able to use.

Doug took time to talk to us about what the community up in Minneapolis is doing at Solomon's porch. They are doing some very brave things as they ask them selves some serious questions about what the community should be structured like, now that they aren't a new community anymore. Most notably, their decision to phase out all of their paid staff positions by the end of 2008. What made sense in their first few years just doesn't make sense for them any longer. It was good to hear him talk about some of the basics of where they are and whee they are moving.

Also, because we forced him, Doug took time to talk about his new book that will be coming out in a few months. He was nice enough to make an advanced copy available to us on condition we write something good and viral about it online. Seems like a fair trade. We weren't required to promise to buy future, multiple copies...but you could tell he wanted us to.

It was a great evening and good to meet some brand new folks who joined us.


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