The Dallas Emergent Cohort seeks to gather people from the Dallas area for conversation, fellowship, encouragement and community as we engage in emerging issues. Regardless of your level of familiarity with the conversation, we invite you to come and join us!


February Cohort - Tuesday the 9th, 7PM

We thought we would discuss a book, Dwight Friesen's new one Thy Kingdom Connected. It has been a little while since we have read and discussed a book, so I hope it's something you are up for. As always, don't be concerned about completing your "assignment" in order to participate in the conversation.

Here is Dwight's site and blog.
Here is a brief review of the book.

In addition Danielle be at the conference with Pete Rollins in Arkansas as well as Chris Haw (co-wrote Jesus for President). Maybe she will "throw out one of their newfangled crazy ideas but it will be cutting it close- conference ends the Sunday before cohort."

On a side note...

NT Wright is going to be in town later this year. His website mentions "Nov 12-14, Stanton Lectures, Dallas, TX" which is an Episcopal Diocese of Dallas. The last time it was in this series it was at St. Matthew's downtown, so this one may be there too.


January Cohort, Tin Star at 7PM on the 12th

After taking December off, we will be getting back together next Tuesday, January 12th, for our monthly cohort meeting. Hope you will join us at Tin Star in Preston Center at 7PM.

If this will be your first time to join us, just look for the folks who don't seem to be married or dating. The restaurant isn't so large you couldn't find us. Some of us order food, others of us have already eaten, no pressure to do one or the other, but I'm sure Tin Star would appreciate the business.

This months topic will be around some of the online buzz that has been created by folks who have some of these question that our friend Kenton has submitted here...

What is the future of "emergent?" I know we've talked on this not too long ago, but there seem to be more stories floating about calling the Emergent Church "dead" as of 2009. Probably none of us think it really is, but perhaps now the anti-emergent crowd is wielding their most damaging weapon: ignoring it. What needs to happen in response? Dan Kimball and others have dropped the association. The holy trinity (Brian, Tony & Doug) seem to have all "gone political." Is it time to start a post-mortem analysis? (Even if you disagree that it has died?) What has emergent accomplished? What did we miss? Why? How important were those things? If it is still alive what should we still try to accomplish next?

We aren't limited to this topic, we often let the conversation go wherever it wants, but this is what will get us started.

Hope to see you!

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